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Treatment For Rotator Cuff Disorders And Injuries The Permanent And Natural Way

Of course, there is not a single treatment for rotator cuff available, since the complex set up of the shoulder joint allows for a multitude of disorders and injuries requiring specific attention, depending on severity and/or stage. The usual culprits are medicines like steroidal and non steroidal anti inflammatories, cortisone injections for more sever cases, natural remedies like hot packs and ice packs, ultrasounds, and even manipulation and surgery following injuries or to resolve a stubborn disorder. However there is also a particular natural treatment for rotator cuff in the form of exercises targeting the 4 muscles and tendons comprising the cuff, in order to strengthen it and cut down recovery times to a fraction, permanently.

These exercises can be part of a rehabilitation program following injury, like a torn or a dislocated cuff, as a physical therapy protocol after arthroscopy, but also as a strengthening and healing program to slash recovery times for all major shoulder disorders afflicting thousands of people worldwide every day. Conditions like a Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis), Shoulder Impingement, Bursitis and Tendonitis can all greatly benefit from a protocol of specific internal and external rotation exercises to restore the cuff, reducing inflammation naturally, eliminating the need for drugs and pain, while slashing recovery times to weeks, not months.

In fact, all the above disorders can take months and even few years to resolve if treated with just courses of anti inflammatories. Cold packs, hot packs and ultrasounds also let to be desired, because these remedies, though cheap and void of side effects, are also temporarily or mildly effective. Cortisone injections, like drugs, are effective at reducing pain and improve mobility, but also carry nasty side effects. Manipulation for a Frozen Shoulder to break the Adhesions, or Arthroscopy to resolve any injury or a severe disorder should always be used as last resort and are mostly avoidable, except when caused by a trauma requiring surgical intervention or a nasty disorder.

A treatment for rotator cuff based on such exercises not only will it be useful to recover and repair the cuff fast, but it will also help prevent further injuries or a disorder relapse if regularly implemented as part of an over all shoulder conditioning program, along with normal training routines.

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