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Lybrel: Safest option to control pregnancy.

ybrel is the first FDA approved birth control pill. Women globally have been opting for this birth control pill, as it is the safest option for them.

Lybrel birth control pill can also be regarded as a continuous pill, as it can be consumed 365 days. What attracts women more towards this pill is that it also suppresses the menstrual cycle.

The way Lybrel works is very simple. It delivers low dose of hormones to our body every day. Like many other birth control pills, it suppresses pregnancy through the process of ovulation suppression. While we take Lybrel, the lining of the uterus does not undergo the changes needed for menstruation and, therefore one does not have regular menstrual cycle.

While undertaking the course of Lybrel, in place of a menstrual period, the women get what is called a "pill period." Most of the traditional cyclic birth control pills have been providing hormones for 21 out of 28 days. Thus, this prevents ovulation and minimizes the build-up of your uterine lining.

While starting the course of Lybrel, one can feel unscheduled bleeding or spotting. However, the number of days, for which one gets these spotting decreases in case of majority of women. The benefit of having no regular menstrual cycle is more beneficial than the unwanted bleeding and spotting.

But one should remember that Lybrel birth control pills should be taken under the supervision of your personal doctor. Women who have blood clots; breast, uterine, or liver cancers; a history of heart attack, stroke, or breast cancer and those who are pregnant should avoid taking these pills.

The sides effects associate with Lybrel are comparatively less and limit to menstrual cramps, headaches and nausea.

Along with controlling pregnancy, the Lybrel pregnancy control pills have another benefit. They also cure problem of acne.

Thus Lybrel is a safer option for those who want to avoid unwanted pregnancy. It has really acted as a blessing for working women. You can also buy these birth control pills online. There are many online stores which can be trusted. Order one now, and see the difference.

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