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How Low Libido Affects Women versus Men

Most women and men experience low female libido at some time in their lives. Although the causes and treatments are not the same, many studies and much research is still needed to distinguish the subtle differences between how the two genders experience low libido. Believe it or not, about twice as many women than men experience low libido and it has a profound affect on their intimate relationships. We will identify some of the causes and symptoms specific to women who suffer from lack of libido. Some women don’t even realize that there are several medications that women frequently take which affect female libido. Many oral contraceptives suppress female libido so gradually that a woman may not even realize it is happening. Oral contraceptives prevent ovulation by changing the amount of hormones that are released in a woman’s body, so imagine how potent these medications actually need to be and how easily these hormonal changes could affect women’s libido. Women who have undergone a hysterectomy, for any reason, may also experience low sexual desire because the female hormones are suddenly depleted. Many women take medications (hormone replacement therapy or female libido pills) to replace the loss of hormones, which will usually increase libido, sexual desire, and sexual response. Many women increase libido by taking libido enhancer pills. These are usually made with a special blend of herbs used to treat female or women’s libido. Menopause is another cause of low libido and lack of sexual desire. This is again, due to the depletion and imbalance of hormones. Sometimes the loss of sexual desire that occurs naturally with age, can be aggravated by less moisture and lubrication in the vagina. This can make sexual intercourse uncomfortable or even painful and it may cause frustration and stress that a woman begins to associate with sex. Obviously birth control pills, hysterectomies, and menopause are all reasons specific to the loss of female libido. The causes of low libido in men are more commonly caused from lower testosterone levels as men age, depression, stress, medical conditions, and substance abuse. There are medications such as Viagra that are very effective for men who would like to increase libido. If the problem is psychological, individual or couples therapy can help a great deal. It is important for a man with low libido to eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and get plenty of sleep. It is also extremely beneficial for a man with low libido to not smoke and moderate his alcohol intake. If you are a male or female who suffers from low libido, you should consult a physician to make sure this problem is not a result of a more serious medical condition that requires attention. In relationships, open communication is a great help and goes a long way in overcoming low male or to increase female libido.

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Cybelle Johnson mengatakan...
8 Februari 2012 00.56  

after i got a low libido due to stress and work i take up a female libido enhancer. it fires my body and mind giving me increased sexual desire.

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