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The Effectiveness Of Hypnotherapy In Stopping Smoking Addiction

Hypnotherapy is considered one of the most promising fields of medicine when it comes to solving patients bad habit like smoking and gambling. In this type of therapy, the patient is put on trance so that the therapist can create certain contact with his subconscious mind of his patient. Once there is an established connection, the patient becomes more aware to what the therapist say because his mind would hear nothing but the voice of the hypnotherapist, making himself believe that he have to quit smoking or stop gambling.

This type of treatment is known in the field of mind control as the smoking cessation hypnosis which goal is to make people to totally quit their nicotine habits. However, not all people who are capable of hypnotism can do this kind of treatment because this method can only be done by trained professionals and should be administered to patients that agree to follow the intricate process of hypnotherapy. If treatment is done by people who do not know the complete treatment, the patient with problem will not be treated at all or worse may alter part of his behavior in some ways.

When it comes to smoking cessation, the first step in treating nicotine addiction is for the hypnotherapist to explain to the patient before the treatment about the risks of extreme smoking. He will explain how does person can become addicted to smoking and what factors can tempt the person to start smoking which lead to addiction to nicotine The aim of this discussion is to make the patient understand the risks and the danger he will be exposed to.

The next stage already involves the actual hypnotherapy process. In this phase, the patient will be hypnotized according to his will. He will be put into a drowsy state and then into a trance. When the patient seems to be in a dream like state, the hypnotherapist will ask the patient what lead him to his addiction, who influenced him to smoke and what makes him to smoke even more. When the patient has already brought this out from his subconscious and tell it the hypnotherapist, the hypnotherapist will then tell the patient to liken the cigarette stick into something that can harm the patient and what effect can cigarettes do to his body. The patient will then be given an option how he can stop his addiction and the hypnotherapist will agree and at the same time tell his patient about other option he can take. While the patient and the hypnotherapist discuss these things slowly, the hypnotherapist will inject into his patients mind things that he must do and avoid until the patient finally gives in and agree to stop smoking altogether.

The hypnotherapist will also try to break the myths that the patients believe and negate it with positive ideals. In summary about this treatment, when the conscious mind and the subconscious agreed on the same level, the physical body will follow. When the patient will be awakened, the only things he will remember are those positive ideals that have been injected into his subconscious mind. This kind of treatment is now being recognized by some hospitals because the result for such treatment is promising. At present, this is one of the most popular branches of mental therapies because it caters to a wide variety of patients mental problems like anxieties, phobia and other self-inflicted mental disorders.

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